Happy New Year 2019 – Year in Review

Welcome back into my orbit and a happy new year to you!

2018 saw me away from my desk – here’s a rundown!

January – My mother and I are given a personal tour of The Lit & Phil which is always recommended if you are in Newcastle and in any way literary. We visit my Husband’s “grave” – just me and the children attending as other family members sadly taken ill – and we make a family Saltburn visit.

February – Down to Durham to celebrate a friend’s birthday and I realise that the suicide notes my Husband left have been stolen in the robbery we had last August so I am on the phone to the Coroner’s office trying to get copies of them back. Eventually successful. You are not allowed to keep original notes loved ones leave you, they keep them and you get a copy. I think it is important to save whatever you can. We also mark his 35th birthday this month. We see The Cornshed Sisters at The Cluny – my Son’s second ever gig just before he turns a year older. I arrange Physio for myself, and go back to Black Belts to arrange classes for my Son.

March – My friend and I start a photography project that we have been talking about FOREVER but done nothing about. First shoot at Tynemouth beach. We go back to Saltburn to visit older family members. It is Mother’s Day and we have the Beast from The East blowing over us all month. We spend Easter in a rented cottage in The Lakes a few cobbled streets from my mum’s house and surrounded by my whole family…a rare but really good thing.

April – I start Physio on my back and at the same time start at kickboxing class myself. I make many decisions to improve my health and get more active. I celebrate my 5th Wedding Anniversary. My Son gets into the school we hope for and I start my YouTube channel.

May – My mother comes to stay and we go back to Saltburn. I see a good, (male), friend who I only get to see certain times a year and I meet an old friend of my Husband’s for the first time as they are in the UK. I give up my tickets to see Screaming Females in Manchester but I do gain an non shorthold assured tenancy on my home. We celebrate a big birthday for one of the grandparents.

June – We start with Indie Disco by Chalk in Gosforth. My mother comes back to babysit whilst I go see Belly in Whitley Bay. Years ago I had interviewed Tanya Donelly over the phone and had never seen them in the 90s it was a pretty big deal for me and one of my best friends. It is Father’s Day – always a catalyst for a dip in vibration but we hold fast. We visit my Son’s health team to say bye and then his new school to say hi! I also say bye to the kickboxing even though I enjoy it circumstances prevail against it. Sometimes you have to make those tough decisions and work with the energy you want rather than persist in one you don’t.

July – Kick off with a DJ party at The Sage Gateshead, (Paul from Maximo Park), and then Rainbow Rave and Drag Queen Storytime as part of the Ouseburn Festival at Seven Stories. Saltburn once again and then it is my 40th birthday. We go to Friends Festival which I can not resist, and then fly to Amsterdam with our good friends for four days seeing the Van Gogh Museum, the Canal Ring, The Maritime Museum and the Royal Zoo amongst other things including a zillion aeroplanes and many airport breakfasts. My daughter flies to Spain shortly after for three weeks with her father.

August – We have tickets for the Family Expo weekend at St James Park as part of the Exhibition of The North – fantastic time for my youngest – then head to The Lakes to see family, go back to Furness Abbey and The Vale of The Deadly Nightshade, (where I went to college), and then to the Lakeside Aquarium and Windermere with my Father. My mother and nephew come back to Newcastle with us and we visit The Mining Institute Engineering Expo. I go to the hospital to talk about a recurring condition with a consultant. I have UC but I prefer to treat naturally and have done for a long time – in my eyes I don’t have a problem I am “not thinking about it out of existence” They book me in for Colonoscopy. I am not willing but curious to see if I am clear of problem.

September – My mother comes to babysit and I see Screaming Females at Cluny 2. So happy that they tour the UK. My youngest starts school. The eldest starts GCSEs! I see my male friend again who only comes back every so often. We meet with his girlfriend in The Carriage before they change it forever. Arctic Monkeys play Newcastle and my daughter scores Guest List. It pays to be connected.

October – There are some kids birthday parties. My mother and sister come up with my niece for a quick one night one day stopover and we dine at Mascalzone. A Saltburn trip comes up again. We spend Halloween at the Discovery Museum then head to Redcar to visit even more family.

November – My eldest takes her next Piano grading and I have my Colonoscopy. I make the wrong decision and choose gas and air as a pain relief but it does not work and I feel like I am being knifed. It’s not a good experience but then I talk to others and stories sound familiar I realise I am not alone. Result though come back as being normal as far as I can tell, (gotta head back there) We visit Santa on The Rooftop at Fenwicks which is brilliant if a little premature but we booked what we could get, (hugely popular that red and white guy). More kids birthday parties. More photography shoots. Started to get real about painting the house and that stellar friend of mine comes round for a couple of sessions to get it done. I may be down a partner but I am blessed with the best of friends.

December – We go to Enchanted Parks at Saltwell. Its good but not a patch on last year and I wonder if it is a funding issue or just that everything works better in the dark when it is BIG. Enjoyable though. My eldest has a birthday that seems to span on all month! We go for thai street food with her father’s side of the family, she has a two day sleepover and we go to the school xmas fair to see the red and white guy. I go for a lunch date with a different male friend in Chester-le-Street. We get sick and miss a pantomine but we survive to watch my son’s first nativity. There are lots of visitors and my mum comes back again to spend Christmas and New Year with us. We have a quiet enough time and see the fireworks. I don’t like to make a big deal of the New Year as of course things have changed and shifted – but as this year will change and shift too, I have seen it come into being and I know its gonna get better and better.

Going forward into 2019 – I’ve hatched plans for a new studio space which is going to be a part of an existing room for now.

This studio is at planning stage and I hope to show it before February! Working on the kitchen table for another year feels like an ideal stuck in the 70s. It’s hard to get right and I don’t have the impetus to clear up in between projects, I like to start more than one piece and work on them concurrently. It could be anything from words to models.

I will have photos for you next time but if you want to see what I am up to in between follow my Instagram @hjtannerstudio

Heather Xx

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