My Week – Virtual Goods, Digital Goods & Virtual Reality

So where do I start?

I am having a quiet January in which I am re-pairing, re-decorating, re-vamping, re-thinking and not spending money as I was all November and December. To have a good time you do not need much in the way of £££ although I am a big fan of the energy known as £££ – you don’t always need to use it.

My “work” at the moment relies on quite a bit of research online. I experiment with drop shipping, (but what concerns me is product quality and customer service not to mention ethics), custom orders, (I prefer to create the product as is no dialogue), print on demand, (I do love this method and I start my Society6 – see also Saatchi Art).

In 2018 I experimented with video content and YouTube featuring myself providing a service. It was quite fun to begin with but then I noticed that

{1} Too much emphasis on competition between people in my niche

{2} Lots of energy required to look good on screen and I don’t enjoy using my time for that

{3} I don’t really have the persona for presenting content

{4} Lots of negativity from public regarding how I looked / sounded and I don’t feel like hearing that all day everyday

{5} Tons of misinformation between clients and listeners – reaching people who relied on the information rather than teaching themselves through using the source material.

{6} My life will not be spent giving information to people who use it as a reason not to grow both in mind, body and spirit.

Yup. Sound reasoning I think.

So I start to concentrate on hobbies that I enjoy teamed with how I actually like spending my time alongside what flows naturally. I decide that creating the products as is, little to no customer service involved and as little shipping and physical inventory as possible is the key. I also start to ponder if I want to be a business owner or a business operator, working smarter not harder. Hell yeah I just sent you to Tony Robbins’ site. Tons of cliches but perhaps you get the point. I realise that residual and passive income streams deserve more of my attention. So…

I already create both digital and virtual goods. What’s the difference? Digital goods are most commonly eBooks, graphics, fonts etc. Virtual goods are often representations of real things in virtual environments such as in gaming – clothes, houses, accessories for Avatars. This realm of work has always been connected to future commerce – so I do a little reading as this has so far been a hobby and also learning curve for me, (hello Blender my old friend).

I discover that the trend for virtual goods is growing thanks to virtual reality, (duh! I hear you cry), but it’s because of advancements in VR that it gets kinda interesting and to me, pretty scary. Virtual goods can be bought and used within 3D virtual worlds – they currently are and I know because I currently make them. I like it because I can create whatever I want, anything! And that’s amazing. And fun and creative and can generate income. The trend though is that as virtual reality headsets are being used with 3D gaming and beyond what you buy as a virtual good suddenly goes from being yours on a screen inside a world to yours in your hand in VR. Your perception is that you are closer to having this thing. As close as it gets to having this thing without actually having it. That dream Chateau you spend £12 on saves you millions in real life and you ALMOST actually live in it in your 3D world on screen. Pop on a VR headset and you now DO live in it.

So what’s my problem with this? The trend towards fantasy or educational items is brilliant – so many people can be helped with this. But what about the perfect replication of everyday, current reality trend products. Replicas. Just what you got in RL, (or you WANT to have in RL but can’t don’t yet). With VR you believe to be closer to having what you want or even, and yes its bizarre, ALREADY HAVE IRL. People are buying virtual reality products they want for their VR instead of really buying them out of need for their RL. And I know because I am not only a creator of virtual goods but a buyer and I have a HUGE VR home collection!

One of the more versatile houses I own {DUST BUNNY}
I love the Bates Motel enough even to not physically own it. {ROOST}
I don’t even fit in this and yet I still own it {THE LOOKING GLASS}

I estimate I have thirty or so virtual homes. See how an obsession with houses can ESCALATE?!!

The scary part to me is where does this take us in terms of what our kids’ lives will be like? Are they going to plug in and live amongst the comfort of VR whilst the energy from their bodies powers the VR?, (Futurama) Where are we taking our minds, bodies and spirits? *The scary part to you the reader was why does she have all those houses that don’t exist right? I am not alone!

You know these are the ideas I think about all the time. I feel that creators need inspiration and I hope that there will always be a real life to gather inspiration from. Therefore even with a trend towards VR perhaps we can expect an equal explosion in digital detox? I feel that these two areas if you are thinking about future job skills are totally where to go. The technological advancement and the antidote. Learn how to do both, balance both. This is where I am headed for sure.

Also this week when not contemplating mastering the Universe I go for my health check for 40-74 year olds, (thanks for the new bracket NHS I do hope this is not the last one I get put into), MORE birthday parties and get stuck into finishing painting my living room. I get another guitar into the local shop for sale. We make up the Pollocks Toy Theatre which teaches me how toy theatres are constructed…buy it in pieces or pull one apart, only way to know! I take a lot of walks and drink a lot of coffee. It really is a quiet January!

See you soon!

Heather Xx

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