My Week – The Delights of Print on Demand & Valentines Day Products on Etsy!

All DIY is on hold this week due to the cold snap happening here in in the UK.

As a consequence I get stuck into my digital and virtual product lines because conditions are not conducive to having all the windows open. I am spending most of the week fully dressed with my dressing gown strapped around me secured by a hot water bottle PLUS the heating on and the stove lit. Can’t wait for the bill.

One of the Redbubble prints available

The Weekend saw us hosting two days of roast dinners and takeaways in front of said stove with good sets of friends and we only left the house for milk. January is probably the only month we can get away with this kind of hibernation which is healthy, (I guess!)

The work placement for my eldest child is finally secured and I am most proud and most relieved. Although generally quiet events wise it’s becoming an admin fuelled dash for the finish line this past few days coupled with super duper Moon cycles and thankfully no kids parties.

Another thing I do in this frozen outpost hermitage is finish Bates Motel. And I cry. Having only empathy with Norma and Norman the whole way through, (okay, a bit for Dylan and some for Romero and also surprisingly for Bradley), I think after Norma went my heart just broke for Norman – there was no chance was there?! It touched many a nerve for me with my life having been so far the way it has but even I did a double take when they mentioned Dylan Thomas at the end, (we called our Son after him too!) What are the coincidences? I know I am late to the party on the series but I adored it. And I adore the Bates House. What with this and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina I am giving more serious thought to following a career or volunteer route with the Funeral industry. *Yep it’s a serious decision and not just based on Netflix shows*

Stay tuned for further updates on the Valentines Day zine I am making for etsy and keep checking my Redbubble, Society6 and Saatchi Art profiles. Saatchi Art will be updated as soon as we start shooting again!

Heather Xx

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