My Week – Hobbling, Laughing & Crying, My Superpowers Unleashed!

It’s February and I am feeling so glad about having started this new blog. I’ve been blogging since 2003 in some form or another and own blogs with thousands of followers that I don’t want to pursue anymore and then I have this one that probably only my mum reads but then it’s here for the main reasons of giving a writer some writing to do and also promoting my work.

So let’s start with the work. This week I’ve added more cards to The Victorian Parlour Lenormand and will hopefully post up about them later today. To all my prospective buyers – you will be emailed back when the deck is launched and to those who got in touch you will be first to know! Keep watching!

We have further snowfall this week and spend the weekend tiptoeing around it so that my phlebitis eases a little. I make a quick trip out for jewellery supplies and then Sunday brunch at Cafe Bar One. Have to hand it to them, they make room for you and rarely turn you away. I like that in a place especially when you live in a 50% student neighbourhood and they all want to eat when we do.

I end up playing quite a bit of guitar – practising the blues scales I was taught as a kid. I’ve played guitar for 34 years and if you count the Ukulele possibly 37 years but then to be a magnificent player you need to focus and practise neither of which I ever did. Hence I can play in my own Layman’s Terms “a bit”. Great stress buster though and although I am currently borrowing one of my Son’s inherited guitars I am thinking about investing in another of my own soon. It seems extravagant to buy when we have several ones sitting in corners but I am working on bursting that money block of mine.

I also use the evenings to catch up on one of the most hilarious shows in the world which ended this year – Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. There are too many memorable jokes to mention – you HAVE to see it – but a stand out one for me and relevant in my world having kids is the unseating of the Alpha Mom in Season 2 (watch those clips in order to see the full scene)I laughed and cried too. If you are having a tough start to the year or finding Winter just a bit depressing I urge you to watch Unbreakable. #Iamnotbeingpaidbynetflix

Have a good week!

Heather Xx

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