My Week & Updates on Grand Tableau Lenormand Readings

Every school run is a scrapbook of inspiration for me!

Hi guys so I am two weeks late with this update – no real excuses as I am still very limited in terms of physical movement I have been glued to designing out of frustration and boredom! All I can say is that I am SO in love with my new commercial mesh building system that hours and days have flown whilst tinkering with it. You know when you have found something that puts you in your ZONE when you do it as soon as you wake up and daydream about it when you are not doing it. That’s me and building mesh houses. Results of my first build SOON! (At first I was dealing rare builds then I wised up and created my own – can’t wait to sell one!)

Also on the agenda, the Lenormand Grand Tableau readings proved more popular when accessed confidentially (anonymously) so I’ve removed them from my etsy store. You can get one simply by visiting, dropping £40 GBP in there and leaving your email address. Readings are delivered within 2 business days usually and I need no other information about you. If you want to have focused insight into a specific area of your life drop me a note with your payment and we can shine more lights in on that area. My Grand Tableau covers everything from childhood to sex life so be prepared! I am happy to answer questions about the reading process over on Instagram @hjtannerstudio See my reading testimonials on my About page.

These last two weeks have been packed with children around – I am more of a child than most children so it’s great in some ways and then WHOAH GET ME AN ADULT NOW! That’s when I flip from TigerLily to Wendy mode. Wendy is always a played role for me – it’s acting to the highest method standards. Sometimes I actually feel excited about doing the laundry – it’s rare – but I’ve finally wised up to the fact that not being a natural Wendy is absolutely fine. I’ve got enough love and probably enough sanity to last until the kids are grown.

Have a great week send me DM or email enquiries about decks, readings or mesh homes. See you soon!

Heather Xx

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