The Victorian Parlour Lenormand Beginners Tarot Deck by H.J. Tanner Studio UPDATE!

Somewhere along the way this image of the last cards I posted has gone missing – so here it is again. I have more updates to share later today, (will add them to this post), but for now I can tell you that the deck is shaping up nicely and completion draws near! This deck looks very likely to be available as an instant digital download available for printing onto card stock. I will also be providing information sheets for download on every card / information here on the website that is aimed at complete beginners. The objective of this project is to get from beginner stages of learning the keywords of Lenormand and identifying the imagery all the way up to reading the Grand Tableau like a pro!

Lenormand is an amazing decision maker – a very good deck to choose if you have to make quick snap decisions or need some literal and brief insight into something, (or someone!) Its physical size as a card deck also makes it very “pocket” friendly. On the other side of the scale a Grand Tableau reading using the Lenormand can bring a full life reading into view within two hours. Hopefully as a download it will be the wallet friendly option for many!

I also read the Grand Tableau please email for details of my own readings

Exciting times!

Heather XxX

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